The Crypto-Economy for AN Independent Press


The media is broken.
It’s broken financially.
It’s broken in terms of meaningful content.
It’s broken in terms of ownership.
It’s broken in terms of its relationship to its audience.
And it cannot be repaired. It needs to be transformed.

This is the PressCoin opportunity



Download full technical whitepaper

English Whitepaper

English Whitepaper



PressCoin is a large, ambitious project to build an alternative global media ecosystem,

Introducing a new crypto-infrastructure that fundamentally redesigns how to create, design, fund, market, and deliver media.

The Presscoin system for media is like nothing the world has ever seen. Its a vertically integrated play, with a full stack approach, consisting of multiple tech enabled parts: protocols, platforms and ventures.

The value of PressCoin isn’t a single platform or revenue stream. PressCoin is a protocol, shared infrastructure and services, reference implementations, and an open developer ecosystem coupled with a startup accelerator program.


PressCoin protocols allow the platforms to earn a slice of the economic activity being generated on the platforms.

PressCoin platforms are independent companies with their own niches and overlapping and sustainable revenue streams.

PressCoin ventures scout the world for innovative talent and technology, thus creating a future stream of innovation and disruption.



Presscoin Structure

Presscoin is registered as a public company in the UK: Presscoin Plc, 11040713.

The token issues by Presscoin are traded under NEWS


Purchase Information

PressCoin is accepting fiat purchases via Bank Transfers, as well as via cryptocurrencies. Fiat participants will be subject to local jurisdiction restrictions.


Purchase NEWS Tokens!

We are issuing a total of 100 million NEWS tokens. Each token is worth 1 USD at launch.


Bonus for the early buyers

PressCoin is a new ICO:

  • NEWS tokens: PressCoin is a UK PLC, and is issuing tokens for the ICO. 

  • NEWS token offering utility

    • NEWS tokens can be spent in the PressCoin economy to participate, and partake in any services that individual platforms are offering.

    • In association with CointypeX a brand new Swiss-bank backed fiat/crypto exchange, NEWS will be liquid and tradeable post the ICO


What better way to create a decentralized press than to base it on a decentralized currency that anyone can purchase? 90% of NEWS tokens are made available to anyone wishing to be a part of this historic endeavor to create a truly decentralized press.

7% of the tokens are made available to the founders to sell via offline channels.

3% of the tokens will be paid out towards costs of sales, advertising and promotion of the ICO