BITCOINIST | PressCoin vs Civil, Steemit, WikiTribune, and De-Correspondent

PressCoin aims to change the state of the public sphere with a range of interconnected platforms, built on the blockchain, powered by the NEWS utility token. The ICO is underway.

Introduction and Summary

It is worth noting at the outset that PressCoin has stated that it unequivocally supports all initiatives to fix the news industry and will be keen to assist and partner will all these exciting initiatives. Two of these initiatives, Civil and Steemit are cryptocurrency based.

Interestingly all these new innovations have social interaction built into them, lessons which appear to have been learned from the social networks. This is also a feature of PresssCoin.

All five offer logged in privileges and all seek to facilitate interaction between readers and writers. By contrast over the past 12 months, a large number of news publishers have dropped comments altogether.

One Solution Steemit, like PressCoin, provides rewards to readers and content submitters for their contributions to the news system. And one solution, Civil, like PressCoin intends to build a marketplace for content. However none of these innovators have systems that can operate at a news-enterprise level for publishers – and none establish a new economic foundation to recreate the existing news media economy at a systemic level. 

Before we turn to our survey of recent innovations in the news content space it is worth briefly introducing PressCoin’s systemic approach to resolving the news crisis. Much more can be found out about the PressCoin solution on the PressCoin Blog and via the homepage. To invest and purchase PressCoin to help the largest ever crowd-funding campaign to address the News Crisis visit the PressCoin ICO page.


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