IRISH TECH NEWS | Business showcase: Presscoin

The elevator pitch …

PressCoin is the crypto-economy for the Free Press. Between the mainstream media and large Internet platforms, the citizens of the world have no credible sources of news, and journalism has been dying a rapid and alarming death.

PressCoin is a set of interconnected platforms for investigative reporting, elections monitoring, solutions journalism, local news and events, and citizen journalism.

How are you different?

Many have tried to fix the news and independent press. Here’s why PressCoin is different:

Decentralized and built on blockchain

True Omni-channel

Geo-location First

Data First

Cryptocurrency for liquidity

Fiat <> Crypto bridge

Built-in mechanism for innovation via startup accelerator

For-profit, revenue-first structure (not an NGO, or open-source – straight opportunity for all players)

ICO in progress NOW!

Come participate in the world's largest ICO for News Media. Bonus tokens on offer!

Amit Rathore