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PressCoin is a new cryptocurrency infrastructure that aims to fundamentally redesign how we create, design, fund, market, and deliver media. Find out what that means today in our review.

What Is PressCoin?

PressCoin, found online at, is a system of protocols that, according to the official website, “supports the social, civic, economic and ecological needs of people in the real world.” The goal is to empower them with new ways of harnessing and shaping information flows “in a way that facilitates positive change in their own lives and communities.”

In more straightforward terms, PressCoin is an ecosystem consisting of a range of independent media companies. These companies can access the PressCoin ecosystem for its utilities, tools, and capabilities.

The long-term goal is to democratize the world of media and help combat the rise of fake news while promoting high-quality journalistic standards.

How Does PressCoin Work?

PressCoin provides a network of interconnected utilities, tools, and capabilities to a diverse range of independent media companies. By sharing data analytic frameworks, market analysis, content management systems, marketing capabilities, and other powerful tools, every company in the PressCoin world is able to interact with an ecosystem that supports their ability to reach readers.

Media companies can also use the PressCoin ecosystem to attract investments and create multiple revenue streams.

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Amit Rathore