Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that have come up recently


What is the token symbol for PressCoin?

PressCoin tokens use the symbol NEWS.


What is the hard cap for the PressCoin ICO?

100 Million USD.


What is the soft cap for the PressCoin ICO?

2 Million USD.


What is the PressCoin contract address?



Why did we unlink the equity from the PressCoin token?

In our opinion, a good way to reward early supporters in any utility token (or cryptocurrency) project, is to do it via linking equity (shares) within the token. This hybrid token is still very much a utility token, and additionally adds a unit of the the company value to each token.

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion about this, and so to keep things simple at this time, we have unlinked the equity from the token. When the regulatory dust settles, we will figure out next steps regarding what we consider an important aspect of cryptocurrencies and ICOs. More on this here.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please do contact us at support at presscoin dot com, our team is happy to assist.


Why does it show 200M tokens minted?

The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales had issued 200M shares for the PRESSCOIN PLC. Since each token maps to a share of PRESSCOIN PLC, 200M tokens were minted. The management then decided to cap the ICO at 100M tokens, thereby making 100M NEWS tokens available for the crowdsale .


What are the company registration details?

PRESSCOIN PLC is registered by The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales. The Company Number is 11040713.



When do I get my NEWS tokens, and when can I trade them?

The tokens for the Pre-Sale phase and the Pre-ICO phase have been dispatched already. The tokens for the ICO phase will be dispatched after the ICO ends. We will distribute all the tokens sold in the ICO phase within a weeks time after the ICO. 

ICO participants will be able to trade their tokens 28 days post the close of the token sale.


Where can I get a PressCoin T-Shirt?

On Amazon, right here!