Protocols: Designed to capture the economic value of each interaction - from specific ones such as creating content for investigative reportage, or running exit polls, or elections focus groups, to general ones such as moderating comments, or raking a politician. This decentralized value is captured for each user, be it a producer, or consumer or distributor and allows them to be compensated via the PressCoin cryptocurrency. The lure of equitable compensation attracts high quality content to the platforms, which in turn attracts users creating a classic network effect: the platforms earn a slice of the economic activity being generated on the platform and hence the ecosystem revenue grows.

Platforms: PressCoin consists of a suite of interconnected platforms on a common blockchain-driven infrastructure, encompassing every major area of media facing urgent deficits. These include investigative journalism, solutions journalism, elections monitoring, local reporting, and citizen journalism. Together these platforms function as an integrated ecosystem of media, journalism, intelligence services and tools, each with their own overlapping and sustainable revenue streams. These platforms are in different stages of launch. They will be independent companies with their own niches but will also licence their technology to other media companies. The PressCoin ecosystem is around a specific set of interconnected platforms - each for a specific activity in the public sphere of citizens’ lives.

Ventures: The PressCoin Venture arm also behaves in this common, strategically aligned way. By scouting the world for innovative talent and technology, PressCoin is counting on disrupting itself, in a continuous process. The DNA of technology startups, innovation, entrepreneurship, and a shared vision for improving our world – this is what powers PressCoin, has gotten us this far, and will take us well over the finish line. Token-holders are purchasing this future utility across the innovative and disruptive platforms.

Introducing the PressCoin platforms

PressCoin has developed the concepts and strategy around these platforms based on the unparalleled direct experience of frontline journalism within the PressCoin team. Together these platforms function as the foundation of an integrated ecosystem of media, journalism, public interest intelligence services and tools, each with their own overlapping and sustainable revenue streams.

PressCoin will support any media platform that wishes to join the ecosystem - the only requirement is adherence to PressCoin's system of protocols. Currently, PressCoin is launching with a suite of five platforms encompassing every major area of media facing urgent deficits: investigative journalism, solutions journalism, elections monitoring, local reporting, and citizen journalism.


INSURGE intelligence

INSURGE is an intelligence platform and action network, which integrates groundbreaking investigative journalism with curated conversations for possibility, designed to facilitate real world action for local, national and global change. 

INSURGE is the first journalism platform adopting a format designed to facilitate communities, groups, organisations and individuals to build actual solutions in the world based on insights acquired from a form of journalism that joins the dots.

Based on decades of combined experience in frontline reporting, INSURGE functions as the central nervous system of the PressCoin system, based on its Open Inquiry format which moves participants from news, to insights, to actions.



A unique blend of local news, events, civic organizations, and businesses, Zolori is an end-to-end SaaS platform that brings together audiences and local news bureaus. 



ChickenSoup.News (CSN) is a new media platform focused on positive change around the world. Less than ten percent of the world’s population believes that things are improving around the world and in their lives.

The ChickenSoup platform supports the exploration of real stories of human progress and positivity, to support the participatory creation of a better world for all.



NextElection is a new town hall that brings together politicians, journalists, and citizens. The platform also allows similarly verified representation by news organizations, NGOs, neighborhood coops and boards, and so on.

The global NextElection platform tracks elections around the world, and individual countries, states, and local populations can engage on individual races. Races are organized around incumbents, challengers, and relevant social issues around the race. Data-driven polling and structured conversations allow the population to share a transparent view while making more informed decisions in response to political dynamics.



Mojonomy is building a global platform for citizen mobile journalists, allowing for verified, on the ground reporting of events of all kinds, but also a way for quality journalism and content to surface up and for citizen journalists to get paid.

Engaged citizens and citizen journalists are the last mile of an Independent Press, and Mojonomy weaves this fabric over a technology and financial layer.